5 Tips to finding the right employees the first time

Posted by Dorothy Robinson On October - 22 - 2016
When you own or manage a business, you want the right employees working alongside you. It’s a waste of time for large corporations as well as local entrepreneurs to hire four or five wrong people before they get the right fit for the position. Time, money and training have been wasted in the search. You need a method of finding the great employees who slip through the cracks and weed out the ones who are simply wasting your time.

The work market in NYC differs from other cities only by its size. Every business or corporation must hire skilled or trained employees, whether you manage a fast food restaurant, an art museum or you are a private entrepreneur handling hedge funds and private equities; a competent staff that shares the same goals and results of your business. 

Finding the right employee to fit an open position is something not to take lightly. Even a waitress will cause you to 1) lose money because she does not give the best customer service, 2) creates unnecessary strife with the other employees and 3) ultimately holds your profits down. The same with a banker who has the talent for stocks and bonds. 

The goal with successful NYC recruitment is to hire the right employee from the beginning. Human resources require a method that can be used consistently to save time and money in sifting through the typically hundreds of resumes to find those who will contribute to your mission. 

The most effective way to learn an applicant’s work strategy is to contact former employers or educators. They weren’t always “former,” so they’ll provide the best overall evaluation. Remember too, that one or two in-person interviews prove to be the most revealing way to observe your recruit, and if different people can sit in on the interviews, all the better to gather more insight. This process takes more time, but it is well worth it. 

Five Phenomenal Tips in Recruiting 

1. The first and most important factor is their experience, education, and skills for the position. This step can be easily accomplished by reading resumes and applications and contacting previous employers. 

2. After selecting applicants on paper, an interview will assist in determining their attitude toward your business and their desire on taking more responsibility.

3. It is important that you believe this candidate is compatible with your existing personnel, so there will be no problems.

4. Is this team member honest, and what is their commitment level? Someone who may be moving in six months may not have the same dedication as someone in it for the long run. That may be fine with you, too.

5. Be honest with the candidate in the areas of hours needed, salary offered, 401k, and accumulating stock benefits or there could be challenges in the future. 

The recruitment process will take a few days from your projected work path, but if you take into consideration these significant tips, the time spent hiring and training will significantly be reduced.


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