What To Look For When Choosing A First Aid Course

Posted by Dorothy Robinson On October - 25 - 2016

Think of a situation where a loved one is having a medical emergency in your presence, and you have no idea how to help them. Well, you can be certain that nothing feels worse than that. Research shows that over 60 percent of people with medical related emergencies can be saved when First Aid is administered. The few minutes after an accident or trauma has happened will determine whether they live or die and how well they survive the accident. 

People that should think about getting First Aid training include:


  • Parents 
  • Nannies and caregivers in general
  • Teachers in charge of little children
  • Anyone working in accident prone environment

When looking for an appropriate First Aid training program, there are certain important considerations to make.

1. The skills you want to lea
First Aid provision is a broad field. It is the reason why there are paramedics. While it is recommended that a person learns how to respond to as many medical emergencies as possible, you can choose what you think is most critical. For instance, skills like learning how to do CPR or Fluid Learning Brisbane will literary help you restart a heart that is stopping and breathing that is no longer happening, hence saving a life. Before enrolling, ask the trainer about the skills that they teach.

2. The level of expertise of the provider
Another important consideration to make is how experienced the service provider is. Experience begins with learning the right skills. A trained provider should have a certificate from a recognized institution. In addition, they should have continuing and refresher education in dealing with First Aid and emergency related cases. 

3. The availability of the trainer
The other important consideration to make is how available the trainer is to give the skills. Not many people have a 24 hour day free to choose what they want to do with. If you are operating a busy schedule, you will need a trainer that gives classes during odd hours like the evening and weekends and even holidays. This will give you an opportunity to fix a class where it is most appropriate for you.

4. The quality of the training provided
The fact that someone is excellent at offering First Aid does not automatically mean that they will know how to adequately pass along these skills. The best way to figure out if a provider is working as they should is looking at reviews from people that have received training from them before. Positive reviews of the course mean that the person is passing along the skills that are necessary to keep a person alive in times of an emergency.
If there is a skill that you will never regret picking up, it is that of providing First Aid. Get your training from people who understand what it takes to resuscitate a person who has stopped breathing, or whose pulse is slow or absent. When the right skills are being taught, you will not even have to worry the cost at which you get trained.

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