7-Point SEO Audit You Can Do On Your Site Today

Posted by Dorothy Robinson On November - 8 - 2016

Are you trying to maximize your SEO success, but are struggling to find a suitable strategy? Then use this simple seven-point audit to decide how well you have maximized your site. This process is simple enough for just about anyone to do and takes a little effort.

Is Your Robots.txt File Blocking Visitors?
Each website has what is known as a “robots.txt” file. This file is used to stop search engine crawlers from accessing sections of your site. Unfortunately, this may actually stop search engines from finding useful information when used improperly. 

Make sure it is set only to block sections that are unimportant, not sections filled with important keywords. 

How Many Pages Do You Have Indexed?
Each search engine will index individual pages of your website as they become relevant. But how do you know which sections are indexed? Type “site:yoursite.com” (filling in your actual URL for “yoursite.com”) in a search engine. 

The search engine will indicate how many of your pages have been indexed and which have been indexed. Used this information to focus your SEO on pages that are struggling.

Did You Carefully Choose Your Keywords?
When putting keywords on your pages, you need to avoid what is commonly known as “keyword stuffing.” Though his method was once useful in the early days of SEO marketing, it has become obsolete. 

Choose no more than one carefully researched keyword on each of your pages. Vary the keywords and make sure they are supported by high-quality content.


Were Backlinks Carefully Selected?
Backlinks occur when an outside website decides to link to your content when promoting theirs. This can highly increase your SEO presence, but only if you get them on high-quality websites. 

Try to focus on official government and medical websites and those that offer real authority. This will connect your business with a name your customers can trust. 

Is Your Site Fast Enough? 
Does your website take forever to load? Then it won’t take long for your customers to flee it. Excessive pictures, animation, and videos will slow your site down and often offer little content quality. Eliminate these items or focus only a few that truly benefit your business. 

How Complex Is Your Site’s Architecture?
Sites that are easy to navigate will rank higher in SEO because they’ll make customers less frustrated. Try to have no more than one or two levels to your site, including a few menu and sub-menu items. Many more than that will drag your SEO rating to the basement.

Have You Avoided Duplicate Content? 
Last, and certainly not least, is to avoid duplicate content. Yes, it can be hard to vary content on many of your pages, but you should try to avoid using the same phrases, the same titles, and the same keywords in page after page. Failure to do so will get you quickly flagged by search engines.

When choosing the best SEO expert Brisbane has to offer, make sure to do your homework and try to find one that suits your personal needs.

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